Just before dark tonight,  while preparing supper, I noticed this humongous bear just outside the kitchen door/window, just perusing about, taking his/her own sweet time, and in no apparent hurry or having a schedule to tend to.

Without a care in the world.... Why would he? Nothing could take on this bear!

Life up here, living off-grid on the mountain, is one of the very most exciting experiences in my entire existence. Each night that sports a clear, starry sky, is a night that I often step outside once, sometimes twice, to watch the International Space Station fly overhead, and at anytime I might look outside and see a doe with her fawn feeding and foraging - although I don't think that the deer were inclined to stroll about the cabin this evening with that big ass bear rummaging arround!

Late in the day, some of the most amazing views facing westward towards the ocean, about 30 miles away, occur during sunset. Usually, no matter the weather below, you are looking down on the clouds and sometimes, you can almost see the whitecaps breaking in the distance.

Beautiful sunsets are an almost daily occurrence - looking westward from the back porch.

Earlier this past spring I captured some video of of a little fawn grazing right off the front porch. Apparently she couldn't be bothered with concerning herself about me, and after taking a moment to look up and let me know that she had noticed me, she went right back to feeding on some yummy grass growing in front of the cabin.

There really aren't a lot of things cuter than a little baby deer - umm... well, puppies are, but that's kind of a different thing I suppose ;) The odd thing about this occurrence, was that her mama doe was nowhere to bee seen, which is quite uncommon.

So cute and adorable, unless they're in your garden... Then, they are Satan!

And so, one final photo that expresses part of the wonder of the remote mountain regions of Humboldt, California - a Sunflower in full bloom.

Beautiful Sunflower